Bio Hazard

Extreme Cleaning

Extreme Cleaning consists of deep cleaning a property where the health risks for all concerned can be very serious, particularly when dealing with the remnants of drug usage (hypodermics, blood, faeces and other bodily fluids) where exposure to HIV, TB, Scabies and Hepatitis is extremely high. We work within properties of Hoarders which often results in an unsanitary, unsafe and hazardous environment. The extreme cleaning service extends to crime scene and trauma clean-up in which we can be exposed to bio-hazards that include chemicals, blood, bacteria, human waste, human remains and infestation of rodents, flies and maggots that are often the result of an undiscovered death.

Professional clearing, cleaning and decontamination quickly returns your property to a habitable and saleable condition. Hoarding clean up requires specialist skills and experience, Busy Bees works alongside Mental Health groups, Social services, NHS and local Councils to make the individual feel at ease throughout the process. Busy Bees environmental team can transform property back to a safe environment, removing bio-hazardous and human waste and extreme deep cleaning. Our environmental teams are frequently recognised for their hard work, caring nature and unwavering commitment.

Trauma & Crime Scene
Cleaning Services

Our dedicated team of trained professionals understand the importance of providing excellent service whilst remaining sympathetic and discreet at all times.

There are strict guidelines and legislation surrounding the cleaning of Crime and Trauma scenes due to the nature and type of hazardous bodily fluids that are present and the potential risk to human health. Bodily fluid clean up, blood, vomit, faeces, urine and other bodily fluids pose a serious health risk to those who come into contact with them.Viruses such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV and MRSA can be transferred via bodily fluids, therefore the treatment of contaminated areas is fundamental to prevent infection. Trauma scenes can be defined as any clean-up involving human and animal bodily fluids usually because of unattended natural death, homicides and suicides. Busy Bees has trained staff through National Association of Crime Scene Cleaners, certified in the principles of infection control.

It is essential that the correct decontamination, removal & disposal procedures are adhered to avoid any further contamination within – or outside of – the trauma scene itself. Busy Bees carries out fully-documented risk assessments prior to tackling any situation and continues to document all processes from initial decontamination through to the correct removal & disposal of any bio-hazardous waste or potentially infectious materials.

Blood-borne pathogens commonly found at trauma scene clean-ups, are micro-organisms within the blood itself. They present a high risk of contamination to any humans near a trauma scene and can cause serious disease – Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) are specific examples.

Pest Control

Busy Bees offers a specialised service throughout Frome and surrounding areas in dealing with house hold pests. Uncontrolled pest problems can have a devastating effect on your home and family life. Our team have the training and experience required to remove infestations quickly and efficiently, causing as little disruption as possible to your home or business.

Below is a list of professional treatments we offer:

Environmental Cleaning

We class an ‘Environmental Clean’ as dealing with any kind of potentially harmful threat to either people and/or the environment they live in.

Busy Bees tackle various projects from rubbish removal, graffiti removal and void property to fully stripping, cleansing and de-contaminating crime & trauma scenes, from localised sharps sweeps to large scale bio-hazardous waste removal & disposal, infection control and removal of human/animal waste to fumigation and odour removal.

Fire & Flood Damage

Busy Bees can provide services for: – flooding, fire damage, spillages etc. 

Fire and soot contamination can leave any property in a terrible state, with odour and secondary damage due to the acidic nature of soot contamination. A fire often results in more than smoke and soot damage. We use a highly absorbent chem sponge to wipe down all walls and ceilings, they are treated with sealant paint so that the area can then be redecorated. This is done because soot and odour can migrate back to the surface, released through the open pores of porous surfaces.  

If you have water damage within your property Busy Bees can help. Whether it’s a commercial building or a simple bathroom flooded by a dripping tap, our focus is to get businesses back up and running and families back in their homes.

Please give us a call if you have any type of these issues, we would be happy to help.

Infection Control

We provide a fully dedicated Infection Control Service which is used in a wide range of environments including GP Surgeries, Dentist, Nursing Homes, Schools, Residential and Office Based Businesses. Our dedicated Infection Control Service can quickly eliminate the infection and provide you with the long-term protection against the re-occurrence of Infections and Contamination.

Our Services provided are insurance company compliant and we provide a Fully Audited Cleaning & Hygiene Service including Visual & Photographic Evidence, Risk Assessments, Method Statements, COSHH Assessments, Daily work sheets, and Completion forms.

Bio-Hazard Waste Removal

We carry out in-depth risk assessments, use fully-documented cleaning procedures, record removal and disposal processes to both legal and Health & Safety requirements and are fully-insured – ensuring that both ourselves and our clients have made every reasonable effort to protect others from harm resulting from the bio-hazardous contamination or infection of an area.

As bio-hazardous waste removal & disposal specialists, our clients frequently request us to undertake such tasks as regular or ad-hoc External “Sharps Sweeps”, clearance and cleansing of body spillages and removal/disposal of other common bio-hazardous or pathogenic substances. We are commonly requested to remediate void properties, tenanted houses / apartment blocks and commercial premises.

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